Tyrone has developed a long and storied relationship with his mentors, now partners, in curating independent film and television content.  Dwight Williams (Rosewood, Baby Boy, Hustle and Flow, Girls Trip) and Preston Holmes (Malcom X,  Panther, Birth of A Nation, GirlsTrip) each bring more than 40 years of experience in developing, producing and distributing major motion pictures and television programming.

Tyrone met Dwight Williams working as a PA on the film "Jasons Lyric".  Not knowing that their was a connection, Tyrone met Preston working as a PA on the film "Panther".  The three would forge a long lasting working relationship as well as  friendship. 

During the last 20 years, Preston and Dwight have guided Tyrone through a successful career in the film industry and are extremely valuable to the success of Dikajada Films LLC and its present development and production slate of films and other exciting media content projects coming down the pipe.

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