Tyrone D. Dixon
PhD., Psychology with an emphasis in Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate University Expected completion summer 2015.
M.A., Psychology with an emphasis in Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate University 2013
MFA, Producing – American Film Institute 1997
Concentration, Producing for Film Thesis – Dramatic Screenplay  “III The Hardway” – Writer/Producer/Director
B.A., Telecommunications – Texas Southern University 1994 Concentration, TV/ Film production

Instructor - Present

New York Film Academy

I presently teach producing and directing MFA and BFA classes: creative producing, line producing, directing the feature and documentary, emerging formats, entrepreneur.

Visiting Assistant Professor - Present
Texas Southern University School of Communications, Film and Television Manager and Advisor - TSU Studios and TSUTV

I taught film and television production in Houston Texas at Texas Southern University.  My teaching concentration was the nuts and bolts of film production.  Starting with story, I encourage students to produce short narratives.  I also took on the challenge of guiding students through the process of creating original content for TSU Studios and TSUTV which is the Comcast On Demand Channel given to the University in 2010 through a diversity agreement with NBC Universal.  Students learn to create short documentaries and short narrative films to exhibit at film festivals. Screenwriting, directing, production, distribution and marketing are the major elements that are covered in production classes.  Students have made a film every semester since my arrival in 2010. For the first time in the history of the University, our students are producing awarding winning projects and applying successfully to graduate film programs.

 Instructor, 1998 - 2002
The Television/Film Connection Program

This was a three-month program for the student in which they experienced film 101.  I used many of the teaching materials that I used as a student of the American Film Institute. Students of the Film Connection program spent 12 hours a week working as a production assistant on projects with which I was directly associated.  Students learned basic productions skills as well as the basics to screenwriting, budgeting and scheduling.  All students at the end of the program were placed in entry-level positions on a film project.

Guest Lecturer – Pico School – Career Day Program (lectured about the importance of higher education)
Guest Lecturer – Jack Yates High School - Charter School Program  (lectured about a career in film/ television production)
Guest Lecturer – Texas Southern University – Career Week (lectured about film production and how to   prepare to work in film industry) - Recurring
Guest Lecturer – University of Houston (lectured about film production and how to prepare to work in the film industry)
Panel member –Various film festivals

Producer/Line Producer, 1998 – Present

Line Producer/ UPM                              “The Company We Keep”
Feature Film                                          Kensington Media – Director:  Roy Campenella  Producer: Adam Zacharius

Producer & Consultant                         “4Life”
Feature  - DVD                                       Watch Me Now Films/Code Black – Director: Tony Austin
Associate Producer & Consultant          “Roll Bounce”
Feature                                                  Fox Searchlight – Director: Malcolm Lee  Producers: Robert Teitel, George Tillman

Producer                                               “8 Wheels And Some Soul Brotha Music”
Feature Documentary                            Jammin’ Entertainment T.D - Distributor, Indican Pictures

Line Producer                                       “Tupac Resurrection”
Feature Documentary                            MTV/Amaru Entertainment – Director: Lauren Lazin
                                                             Producers: Afeni Shakur, Karolyn Ali, Preston Holmes
Producer                                                “Cool Women”
Documentary Series (2 Seasons)             AMC/Romance Classics Network, Red Bird Productions
                                                              Executive Producer/Director: Debbie Allen

Line Producer                                         “The Kangaroo”
Feature Film                                           UCE Entertainment; Director: Don Okolo, Producer: Chris Ulasi

Production Manager                               “My Dinner With Jimmy”
Feature Film                                            Rhino Films/Fallout Films - Director: Bill Fishman, Producer: Preston Holmes

Director, 1998 – Present

Director/Writer/Producer                         “5150 Day Street”
Short Film                                                Jammin’ Entertainment T.D, Texas Southern University

 Director                                                 “8 Wheels And Some Soul Brotha Music”
Feature Documentary                                Jammin’ Entertainment T.D. - Distributor, Indican Pictures

 Director                                                  “Ruffnecks” - Drilling Oil in Alaska
Documentary                                            Advertainment Media, Producer: Vincent Villicano

Director                                                   Skating Route 66 (roller skating cross country for St. Judes)
Documentary                                           Producer: Robbie Love, Tyrone Dixon

Director                                                   “Afeni Shakur”
Documentary                                            Amaru Entertainment, Producer: Karolyn Ali

Director                                                    Venice Family Clinic / The Story of the Uninsured
Documentary                                            Producers: Hutch Parker; Bob Teitel – 20th Century Fox

Director / Producer                                   “Cool Women”
Documentary Series (26 episodes)             AMC/Romance Classics Network, Red Bird Productions

                                                                 Executive Prod/Director: Debbie Allen

 Directed over 20 music videos. Directed 3 multi-cam taped concerts for major artist.

 Creative Executive/Assistant to President, 1998 – 2000
DEF Pictures, A Russell Simmons Company
I was responsible for reading screenplays, researching films, filmmakers and, making suggestions about potential projects for Def Pictures slate.  I attended festivals and media markets.  Worked directly with the President of the company setting and participating in meetings with talent, producers and studio executives.

 Production Accountant, 1994 – 1997
Various Film Productions
I was responsible for the accurate accounting of production budgets.  I oversaw the accounting for petty cash, accounts payable, payroll, and cost reporting.  I worked closely with unit production mangers and producers to strategized the planning and production of a project.

University Award from the President of Texas Southern University 2014 – Excellence in Teaching
Stellar Award Recipient 2012 & 2013 (Texas Southern University) – Outstanding teaching in School of Communication
Voted most Influential Professor 2013 – Students vote every year for two professors to be profiled in the yearbook as most influential
Audience Choice Award – 8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music (Denver Starz/Encore Pan-African Film Festival) – 2005
Bill Butler Award – Outstanding Achievement in Advancing the Art of Roller Skating 2006
Emmy Nomination – “Cool Women” television series (Producer/ Director) 2000-2001
DGA Member - as Director and Unit Production Manager
Best TV/Film Project Award – Texas Southern University School of Communications 1994
Honor Student  – Texas Southern University 1992-1994

III The Hard Way – feature screenplay - In Active Development

Scouts - feature screenplay – In Active Development/ Pre Pre production

8 Wheels And Some Soul Brotha Music – feature documentary - In Distribution

Final Cut Pro and Avid Editing, Excel and Movie Magic budgeting and scheduling, Camera Operator (video & film), Production Accounting, Unit Production Manager (DGA), Distribution Consultant, Post Production Supervision, Development

 References: Daniel Lupi - Producer, John Davies – Producer, Preston Holmes – Producer; Stan Lathan – Simmons/Lathan Media Group; Dwight Williams - Producer; Debbie Allen – Actor, Director, Producer; Dr. Juan McGruder – Georgia Tech University; Dr. James Ward - Texas Southern University

 Navy Veteran – 1986 to 1991, Air Traffic Control

Additional references available upon request
Additional Credits Available on IMDB.com